Commercial Installed Sound

Different BGM to Different Zones, Plus Announcements

“We want to be able to create different moods in different areas of the store. One area could have an upbeat vibe for shopping, for example, while another has a more serene atmosphere for people who want to take a break from shopping.”

This system would be a good choice for a multi-level boutique or a restaurant that features a bar or lounge. Background music is just as important as décor and lighting for creating a specific mood. Yamaha VXS and VXC series speakers provide high quality playback that delivers the full emotional impact of the music to the listening area, making a major contribution to overall atmosphere. The power and excitement of rhythmic music can be enhanced by adding VXS10S subwoofers. The MA2120 would be a good choice for broadcasting announcements or advertisements while supplying different background music to different areas. It includes a Ducker function that automatically reduces the volume of the background music while a microphone is being used so that no manual adjustments are required. DCP1V4S control panels installed in the separate areas allow remote control of background music volume and other operations.


Other Examples