About Yamaha

Commercial Installed Sound

Dedicated to Great Sound

Yamaha was established more than 130 years ago, and since that time the company has led musical instrument and sound innovation, acquiring extensive know-how and refined sonic sense along the way. As sound professionals we are dedicated to continue building on that background, delivering products and services that result in thoroughly satisfying sound and music environments.

Innovative Electronics

Innovative electronics for digital musical instruments as well as audio equipment is one of Yamaha’s strengths. The same advanced Yamaha digital signal processing and network technologies that are highly regarded by audio professionals contribute to quick, easy design and management of commercial sound environments as well.

Experience and Imagination

Yamaha offers an impressively wide range of products, from world-renowned pianos and other musical instruments to home and professional audio equipment. The experience gained in all of those fields goes into our Commercial Installation Solutions products as well, resulting in unique solutions for high-quality sonic environments.

Beautiful, Practical Design

The visual designs for Yamaha products are created at our in-house Product Design Laboratory, adhering to the basic concept of unobtrusive functional beauty. The many prestigious international design awards we have been honored to receive attest to the success of this approach. It is our goal to offer the most pleasing environments possible, both sonically and visually.

Industry Leading Quality Control

ISO 9001 or equivalent quality management is maintained at all Yamaha manufacturing facilities. Quality control is a priority for every product we make. We are dedicated to delivering products that are easy to use while offering long-term reliability and safety that truly meet our customers’ needs.

Comprehensive Sales Network

Yamaha has more than 30 branch offices around the world, providing the same level of sales, service, and support for affiliates and customers everywhere.*

* Availability of some products may vary according to region. Contact your nearest Yamaha representative for details.

Environmental Management

Yamaha operations comply with ISO 14001 standards for responsible environmental management. We are dedicated to employing sustainable resources and reducing the energy consumption of our technology and products to reduce the overall burden on the environment. Responsible environmental management directly benefits our customers as well as society at large.

Contributing to a Better Society

Yamaha’s corporate slogan of “Sharing Passion and Performance” is applied not only in our products, but in our acoustic design consulting services for distinguished halls and music education activities as well. We believe that by creating opportunities for more people to enjoy sound and music we are contributing to a better, culturally richer society as well.