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In times of online video conferences and virtual trainings, the demand on technical support is also increasing. Careful planning is essential so that business partners and customers are always informed about the latest developments and innovations. Last but not least, service employees represent the company in internal as well as external communication. A solid technical foundation as well as optimum speech intelligibility, video quality and room acoustics are therefore particularly important so employees can focus completely on their task.

Yamaha's tips and tools for product trainers & consultants

Nowadays it is becoming more and more important to present products to customers quickly and easily or to help with technical problems. How can a support staff member from a showroom provide optimal customer care? How do you explain the operation or show the advantages if you can't drive to the customer or he can't come to a training session? How do I present a new solution best as a consultant?

Customers expect more flexibility and want to be comprehensively informed or even trained about new systems or solutions. As the number of visits to trade fairs or on-site training courses is being reduced more and more, the use of the best possible audio technology and efficient software solutions has become even more important.

Discover now the versatile possibilities of Yamaha Unified Communications and learn how to reach your target group at home and communicate with them in the best possible way.

Personal Training

In a personal product training or a direct consultation, a high-quality audio-video connection is top priority. This is the best way to ensure first-class service and a positive user experience. Especially in home office, for example, the employee should pay attention to possibly disturbing noise sources. A second camera should also be ready, which can be switched to at the touch of a button in the event of a product presentation. It is also important to clean up the desktop of his computer before each session - if the screen content is shared, no critical data should be visible. A wireless microphone makes it also easier to speak freely, so you can focus fully on the dialogue with a customer or employee.

An individual product training or a product presentation via videoconference can be conducted from a home office, office or from a meeting room. The use of a headset is not optimal for product training, as you have to be flexible without disturbing cables or headphones. We therefore recommend the use of a YVC-200 speakerphone (hands-free), which uses echo cancellation and has integrated noise reduction, delivers clear sound and has a good speaker to understand the opposite side and can be easily connected to a notebook, smartphone or tablet.

If product training is conducted from a meeting room, we recommend the all-in-one CS-700AV video conferencing system from Yamaha. This Video Sound Collaboration System has all the technology, microphones that track the speaker's position in the room and is easy to use with a PC.

In the case of remotely conducted product training or presentations, it is important that the products being shown are clearly and easily recognizable. A simple webcam with a PC or the integrated camera of a laptop, tablet or smartphone can be used. The mobile devices should be fixed with a tripod or other attachments, as shaky images are very disturbing.

If you are presenting from a meeting room, we recommend a fixed all-in-one video conferencing solution such as Yamaha's CS-700AV Video Sound Collaboration System, which incorporates a full HD camera that can be adjusted to suit the room and needs, and a second camera for detailed product presentation only.

Since the product is the main focus of individual product training, all software solutions that allow for one-to-one video conferencing can be used. There are many of these on the market and it is simply a matter of personal preferences.

Screen sharing should be possible, as additional information or detailed data is often shown on a screen. In this way things can be explained on the screen in parallel.


The advantage of a webinar is clear: the presenter has full control over the conversation conditions and can, for example, mute individual participants. At the same time, the organizer of a webinar cannot predict who will accept the invitation and whether relevant participants will have to cancel at short notice. For this reason, it is nowdays mandatory to record the webinar so that the content can be shared later. However, a recording increases the demands on the audio and video technology used and so paying attention to high quality is essential here. Depending on the acoustic situation, it can be useful for the webinar leader to wear a clip-on microphone or to combine several microphones. With the right software, it is then possible to switch between the individual sources as required.

In a webinar, it is important that the language of the presenter or speaker is understood as clearly as possible, whether they are in a meeting room or working from home. The webinar leader should wear a wearable microphone such as the HD - Single | HD - Dual or combine several microphones if he has "guests" during his webinar. If you are alone, the Yamaha YVC-200 Speakerphone (hands-free) offers echo cancellation and noise reduction for clear sound.

Since remote webinars are not so much about the speaker systems, you only need to look at them if participants can ask questions. The Yamaha Speakerphones all provide very good sound.

If a webinar is conducted from a meeting room, we recommend the all-in-one Yamaha CS-700AV video conferencing system. This system has all the technology, microphones that track the speaker's position in the room and is easy to use with a PC.

In a webinar, the presenter should use more than one camera if he or she wants to show products separately and in more detail. With at least 2 cameras the webinar is much more attractive.

A video switching option is mandatory in this case. This can be implemented by software or hardware. There are various systems on the market for this purpose, such as the ATEM Mini from Blackmagicdesign.

In a permanently installed all-in-one video conference complete solution, such as the Video Sound Collaboration System CS-700AV from Yamaha, a full HD camera is integrated, which can also be adjusted to the needs of the webinar leader. In addition, a second webcam can then be used, which should be fixed on a tripod.

Since webinars are only streamed and recorded in a unidirectional way, a video return channel is not necessary. During a webinar, participants can ask questions in writing in a separate chat window. If there is an audio feedback channel, they need the function to mute all participants with one click. For even more interesting and interactive webinars, the software platform should support surveys or voting or you can also use a separate software, of which there are many on the market.

Nowadays it is mandatory to record webinars so that the content can be released later on other channels or for later use. The major platforms offer this type of service. When it comes to effective transitions or green-screen functions, we recommend the OBS - Studio software. This free software solution offers almost everything you need for an impressive webinar. With OBS as your mastering software you can offer webinars on almost all popular platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook.

Product Presentations | Training

Successfully presenting a new product to the public is a challenging task and requires careful planning. If several representatives of a company are involved in the presentation, each of them should be given his own (wireless) microphone. Dialogues, procedures and dramaturgy should be rehearsed. Several fixed camera positions and mobile cameras should be used to ensure a varied and entertaining presentation. In the case of a recording, the director should pay attention to details such as lip sync and a well-controlled audio signal.

A product presentation often involves several representatives of a company and each of them should have their own (wireless) microphone such as the HD - Single | HD - Dual. It is important that the language of the presenter is always clearly understood, whether he or she is in a meeting room or special showroom.

If you are using multiple microphones, another person with an audio mixer should mix the different sources.

If participants can also ask questions directly, make sure they also use a speaker system or a Yamaha speakerphone, all of which provide very good sound.

A wide range of cameras is available on the market for video recording. It is helpful to use both permanently installed and mobile cameras. It is important to make sure that the camera has a good image quality and that there is good lighting so that product details can be recognized.

A video switching option must be possible in any case. This can be done by software or hardware. There are various systems on the market for this purpose, such as the ATEM Mini from Blackmagicdesign. This should also be done by an additional person to make the product presentation as professional as possible.

In order to make a professional product presentation, additional personnel is needed, because such a complex task cannot be accomplished as a "one-man-show". Ideally one person for the audio part and one person for the video part will support you.

A good solution for this purpose is OBS - Studio. This free software solution offers almost everything you need for an impressive presentation.

With OBS as your masterring software, you can create presentations on almost all popular platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook. Furthermore, OBS - Studio is able to record your session for later use.

For live streaming, many large platforms already offer the right conditions, but there are also specialized platforms or providers that stream webinars and product presentations in high quality.

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