DTX502 Touch Utgått

Important information

Distribution and support of the DTX502 Touch will end on July 31, 2023(JST).

You may continue to use previously installed on your iOS device. However, the app may stop working without any notice due to future iOS updates, etc.

Thank you for using the DTX502 Touch app.

DTX502 Touch offers an innovative way of interacting with the Yamaha DTX502 series. It’s now even easier to customise the sound that you want critically.

DTX502 Touch Utgått

**V2.0 has been released!** New function added in Ver 2.0. Hybrid-setup wizerd, Save/Load One kit, Direct access to YAMAHADTX.com, enabling you to expand your DTX502 possibility!

Farger og finish som vist kan variere fra de aktuelle produktene.