Shell Poplar 6ply 7.2mm
Hoop TT / FT / SD 1.5mm Triple Flange Hoop (Steel), BD Steel Hoop w/matching color inlay
Lug Separate Lug
Bearing Edge 45 degrees / R1.5
Head Top SD: Coated, TT / FT: Clear
Bottom SD: Snare side, TT / FT: Clear
Front Yamaha Ebony with ring mute
Batter Clear with ring mute
Tom Mount Direct Mount
Set No. Bass Drum Floor Tom Tom Tom Snare Drum Tom Clamp
RDP2F5 22"x16" 16"x15" 12"x8"/10"x7" 14"x5.5" CL940LB x2
RDP0F5 20"x16" 14"x13" 12"x8"/10"x7" 14"x5.5"