Yamaha LAN Monitor

Network Visibility

Effective Dante network management hinges on a range of parameters such as network traffic, switch status, and individual Dante device information. The dedicated Yamaha LAN Monitor application provides a comprehensive single-screen view of all necessary parameters when used with SWP/SWR series switches. We refer to this type of graphical overview as “network visbility.” You can even take a snapshot of the normal network status and set an alarm to warn you if any of the parameters changes, so that problems can be identified and resolved quickly and easily. The Dante Controller application can also be launched from the Yamaha LAN Monitor with a single click, providing a total Dante network solution on a single computer.

*The software name of Yamaha Audio Network Monitor has been changed to Yamaha LAN Monitor.

Navn Norsk Engelsk
Yamaha LAN Monitor Mac User Guide [4.1MB]
Yamaha LAN Monitor Win User Guide [1MB]
Navn OS Størrelse Siste oppdatering
Yamaha LAN Monitor V1.6.4 for Mac macOS 11.x(Intel), 10.15-13 Mac 15.2MB 2021-04-08
Yamaha LAN Monitor V1.6.4 for Win 10/8.1/7 Win 24.8MB 2021-04-08

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