Digital Connectivity for iPod/iPhone

The LS9 Editor is a free software viewer/editor application for Windows-based computers. It can be used online in real time for convenient, flexible metering as well as Selected Channel parameter display. LS9 Editor is also a great way to pre-program console setups offline for significantly enhanced efficiency. In permanent installations different operators can keep their own setups individually, and load them in the console as required via a USB memory device. The Editor program is also a great way to manage safe data backups.

Navn OS Størrelse Siste oppdatering
Network Driver V1.2.4 for Win 10 Win 2.7MB 2020-07-21
Network-MIDI Driver V1.2.3 for Mac macOS 10.14-OS X 10.9 Mac 216KB 2016-12-20
LS9 Editor V2.1.4-3 for Mac macOS 10.14-OS X 10.7 Mac 29.1MB 2016-02-05
Network-MIDI Driver V1.2.2 for Mac OS X 10.5-10.8 Mac 208KB 2012-09-14
LS9 Editor V2.1.4 for Win 10/8.1 Win 33.5MB 2011-10-07

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