Tn Series Effekt Forsterker

Solid Power for Any Application

In touring applications that require the ability to drive large numbers of speakers, amp drive capability and power become extremely important criteria. Furthermore, since the entire system has to be set up, taken down, and transported for every show, the total number of amps required, and their total weight, has a significant influence on manpower and cost. While the Tn series power amps are all compact 2U-size units, they deliver remarkably high power: 2500 watts from the T5n, 2200 watts from the T4n, and 1900 watts from the T3n, stereo into 2 ohms. Tn series amplifiers are capable of driving line array or other large-scale speaker setups in systems that take up less space than ever before.

High Definition, Serious Impact

By applying the full gamut of technology, experience, and resources acquired through the development and production of industry-standard digital mixing consoles and signal processors, as well as extensive know-how gained through years of hall and installation system design, The Tn series amplifiers have been refined to unprecedented levels of performance and sound quality. Transparency across the entire audio spectrum is a basic requirement, but the Tn amplifiers go beyond the basics with extraordinary midrange presence and a low end that is huge and authoritative while maintaining maximum reproduction accuracy. This has been achieved not only through no-compromise parts selection and circuit design, but also through extensive vibration-reduction measures that effectively suppress internal vibration that can have a negative impact on sound quality. The heat sinks, for example, are solidly screwed to the chassis side panels at numerous points, but with special insulators that are designed to absorb vibration and chassis resonance that would otherwise interfere with optimum reproduction. The detailed work involved goes well beyond the normal definition of manufacturing and crosses over into the realm of craftsmanship.

Stable 2-ohm Drive Capability

Line array systems offer many benefits for large scale live sound applications, but because of the many speakers involved they normally need to be driven by a correspondingly large number of power amplifiers. The 2-ohm drive capability of the Tn series amplifiers easily drives multiple speakers in line array systems.Tn series are also an excellent choice for driving multiple parallel-connected Yamaha Installation Series speakers as well as multiple parallel-connected monitor speakers located on the stage. In order to provide stable low-impedance drive capability the Tn amplifiers employ newly developed thin-film power transistors, and flat-wire power transformer windings to minimize heat loss. Many other details contribute, but the final result is totally stable drive capability down to 2 ohms.

Durability to Handle the Most Demanding Tours

Daily setup, take down, and transportation is an unavoidable part of the touring routine, and the Tn series amplifiers are built to take it all in stride. A durable exterior resists dents and breakage, while dual high-volume cooling fans maintain stable operation under a wide range of ambient conditions. Large, tough fan guards prevent damage during transportation. Fan speed is automatically varied according to the current output power to maximize motor life. Dust filters at the fan intakes can be easily removed for cleaning. A comprehensive range of protection circuits is also provided: DC, muting, thermal protection, and an advanced output short sensing circuit (PC limiting) that contributes to reliable low-impedance drive capability. There's also a VHF protection circuit that will prevent damage to HF speaker units if input signals with frequencies higher than 20 kHz continue for more than a few seconds. All in all the Tn series amplifiers offer failsafe performance that will keep the show running night after night under even the severest conditions.

Ultra-efficient Yamaha EEEngine Amp Drive

Original Yamaha EEEngine technology reduces power consumption by approximately 50% compared to conventional amplifiers. Power supply quality and capacity are perennial obstacles in large-scale live sound systems, but the Tn series amplifiers' high power output with dramatically reduced power consumption goes a long way towards alleviating the problem. Reduced power consumption simultaneously achieves reduced heat generation, significantly increasing part life and reliability. Reduced heat generation further means that smaller, less-obtrusive cooling fans can be used, providing greater freedom for internal layout. That, in turn, translates into overall design that emphasizes sound quality rather than simply keeping the amp stable. In order to achieve stable 2-ohm drive capability the EEEngine circuitry in the Tn series amplifiers features a newly developed high-efficiency FET current buffer drive circuit. Only Yamaha can deliver this level of high efficiency and stability with low-impedance loads.

Digital Connectivity for iPod/iPhone

- Intuitive, plug and play amp management software -Amp Editor is a dedicated software application for ACD1 and Compatible Yamaha amplifiers that makes amplifier management easy. Remotely control and monitor Tn amplifiers simply by connecting your ACD1 to an Ethernet port on a computer via a standard high-speed Ethernet switch. Connection to the Amp Editor network requires no special drivers so that your system is up and running in no time. All Tn amplifier functions and DSP parameters can be controlled using Amp Editor.

NetworkAmp Manager

- Remote monitoring and control via CobraNet™ Network -The NetworkAmp Manager is a software application that lets you monitor, manage, and control Tn series and PC-1N series amplifiers connected to a network via the ACU16-C and NHB32-C. The software runs on Windows based computers, and can be used to control a system of up to eight NHB32-C hubs, sixteen ACU16-C control units, and as many as 512 power amplifiers. Simply connect your computer's COM or USB port to any ACU16-C or NHB32-C on the network, and use the software's efficient, intuitive graphical interface to remotely monitor and control each networked device.

Superior Handling through Extensive Experience In the Field

The Tn series power amplifiers represent the culmination of over 30 years of know-how acquired through amp development and manufacture as well as feedback from professionals in the field. Details can make a huge difference in real-world handling…such as sturdy front-panel handles that, although indispensable for transporting and rack mounting, are removable for installation use. Also, Euroblock connectors are provided in addition to XLR connectors for full compatibility with installation wiring. The Euroblocks can also be used as link out connectors for flexible integration with the widest possible range of system needs.

Safety Standards

Tn series amplifiers meet Underwriters Laboratories Inc.'s safety requirements; standards UL60065, 7th ed and CSA C22.2 No. 60065-03. Tn amplifiers were also certified for safety by Intertek ETL SEMKO to comply with standard EN60065:2002.Tn amplifiers passed UL's various tests which include investigation of component parts, construction, as well as operation behavior under normal and abnormal conditions. Tn amplifiers showed results surpassing UL's requirements under abnormal conditions of short circuited component parts, operation under one ohm, as well as many other severe operating conditions. UL's standards of safety are well respected around the globe; In the US, certain situations require UL certification of products for insurance purposes. UL's recognition of the Tn series amplifiers ensures maximum safety for use in situations where public safety is crucial. SEMKO is also an independent third-party organization which tests products for voluntary certification of safety for customers and consumers in Europe.The amplifiers' ability to meet Underwriters Laboratories Inc.'s rigorous safety standards proves that "stable 2 ohm drive" is not just a phrase in the catalog, but ensures safety and quality in its operation, establishing the Tn series as the amplifier of choice for usage in all sorts of venues and applications.

Monitoring and control of multiple amplifiers with NetworkAmp Manager

The ACU16-C amplifier control unit and a PC running NetworkAmp Manager can monitor/control the operating conditions of up to 32 amplifiers, including power, attenuation, inputs, outputs, temperature and load impedance.

A PC running NetworkAmp Manager can be connected not only to an ACU16-C via a USB port, but also to an NHB32-C network hub/bridge on the CobraNet™ network. This versatility gives you full remote amp control capability — for dramatically improved operating efficiency.

Using CobraNet™, the ACU16-C's D/A conversion function can convert up to 16 channels of digital audio signals to high-quality analog audio signals.

One CobraNet™ network can be used to connect up to 8 NHB32-C units and 16 ACU16-C units — giving you the freedom to configure large-scale audio networks.

Monitoring and control of multiple amplifiers with NetworkAmp Manager