If the unit is stored with the battery attached, the battery will run out of charge in approximately two weeks (from a full charge) due to the continuous flow of low current. If the battery is unlikely to be used for more than 10 days, it is recommended to either remove the battery from the unit or put it in "Storage Mode" (see below).

NOTE: Storage Mode means that the unit will not draw power from the battery.

[To put the battery into Storage Mode]

Disconnect the unit’s power cord and turn ON using battery power. Then, press and hold the Standby/On button, followed by the BATTERY CHECK button – keeping both buttons down for at least 7 seconds. If the power does not come on when you press the Standby/On button again, you have successfully entered Storage Mode.

[To exit 'Storage Mode' and return the battery to normal operation]

Connect the power cord and plug into a power outlet.