DM7 Series

The DM7 series is a versatile digital mixer that combines unparalleled sound quality with seamless operation and expandability that affords users a comfortable yet creative engineering workflow, while providing audiences with a memorable sonic experience. With its comprehensive suite of mixing tools and flexible expansion options, the DM7 series has you covered in any environment that requires top quality sound, and gives you the capability to meet the ever-changing demands of an expansive range of mixing applications.


Throughout Yamaha's long history of developing state-of-the-art digital mixers, there is one concept that we have consistently adhered too— the ideal starting point for sound creation is a totally natural, or “transparent” sound. This concept of natural sound is exemplified by the DM7 series high-end input section, producing a high-fidelity, uncolored sound that serves as the engineer's canvass to color, shape, and recreate, using the DM7 series built-in plug-ins, EQ, and dynamics. All in all, the DM7 series has evolved in every aspect to help engineers create their ideal sound.

Off to a solid start

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM7: Off to a solid start

It all starts with your sound, and if the input section of your mixer is compromised or lacking in any way, your mix isn't likely to meet your, or your audience’s expectations. To meet our own very strict standard of sound quality, the inputs of Yamaha consoles and I/Os are meticulously designed and constructed. We take every aspect of the initial input stage into consideration in order to achieve our signature “transparent sound”, from the individual components, power supply, and grounding, to the circuit layout, and mechanical structure of the inputs.

In addition, the DM7 series supports sample rates up to 96kHz for superior, high-resolution sound quality.

Powerful Channel Strip

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM7: Powerful Channel Strip

The DM7 series Channel Strip is equipped with numerous advanced functions for convenient, intuitive sound creation. In addition to the Channel EQ inherited from the RIVAGE PM, the newly added FET Limiter and Diode Bridge Compressor offer expanded dynamics control, while the new “History” function combines with the existing comps and gates for easier and more precise dynamics adjustment than ever. The “Mix Balance” parameter is yet another new function that allows you to easily mix the original sound with a compressed sound and apply parallel compression. In addition, the order of EQ and Dynamics 2 can now be changed to suit your creative preferences, further expanding the range of sound creation.

The DM7 series also features the Dan Dugan automatic mixer with up to 64 channels in the channel strip as a standard feature. In cooperation with Dan Dugan Sound Design, a US company renowned for its proprietary algorithm-based automatic microphone mixer, the automatic mixer function can be conveniently accessed from the channel strip without the need for EQ RACK resources.

The input meters now also include a histogram display to help adjust HA levels.

Extensive plug-ins and new effects

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM7: Extensive plug-ins and new effects

The DM7 series is equipped with an extensive suite of plug-ins to accommodate a wide range of applications, including VCM models of the renowned Portico 5033 equalizer and Portico 5043 compressor/limiter— both developed through close cooperation with Rupert Neve Designs. Also included are Yamaha's original plug-ins, such as the DaNSe dynamic noise suppressor, and the Dynamic EQ, which are well known among audio engineers.

The FX RACK features high-quality multi-effects processors with forty-three types of high-grade effects including the newly equipped REV HD and REV R3 to inspire a broader depth of creative sound reproduction.


Yamaha digital mixers are known for offering a high level of operability that professional users demand, staying up to date with the constantly evolving state of the art. The M7CL offers analog-like operability; the CL series, a more refined operation with a brushed-up version of Centralogic; and the DM7 series puts an emphasis on intuitive operation and high efficiency via multiple displays and an advanced Selected Channel View.

Advanced GUI for intuitive control

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM7: Advanced GUI for intuitive control

The DM7 series advanced graphical user interface is an audio engineer’s delight, offering the ultimate in touch operation convenience that gives users instant intuitive access to the console’s impressive depth of functionality.

The Selected Channel View, which provides a list of operational information on the channel strip, retains the best aspects of previous GUI’s but with an updated operation format that requires fewer steps and less time than ever before.

The same familiar touch screen operation that you use in your daily life is now available on your mixer.

Configure the ideal DM7 system to suit your workflow

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM7: Configure the ideal DM7 system to suit your workflow

The DM7 series ranges from the full-featured DM7-EX, which combines a large 2-bay DM7 with a DM7 control panel equipped with a physical controller, to the rack-mountable DM7 Compact, which is powerful and flexible despite its compact size. With four DM7 systems in total, bundled software, controllable devices, and more, this versatile lineup makes it easier than ever to find the perfect fit for your mixing style, environment, and workflow.

Utility screen for streamlined performance

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM7: Utility screen for streamlined performance

The DM7 series multiple touch screens provide fast, intuitive operability that will make your mixing experience easier and more enjoyable. The large 12-inch screen provides convenient operation that will allow you to focus more energy on sound creation, and includes the Selected Channel View which ensures all the relevant mixing information you need is close at hand. The newly added 7-inch Utility screen allows you to monitor essentials such as Scene List, User Defined Keys, and Meter at all times for quick and efficient operation.

Advanced Selected Channel View and visible Overview

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM7: Advanced Selected Channel View and visible Overview

The DM7 series inherited the Selected Channel View and Overview from the RIVAGE PM series, but also features an updated, more intuitive operation, suitable for the increasing demands of the current state of the art. The Selected Channel View provides a list of important information for each individual channel, giving you quick access to the parameters you want to adjust. It also incorporates the advantages of touch panel operation to reduce the number of steps required to carry out tasks.

Overview, which enables analog console-like operation, is also still available. It lists information on multiple channels, allowing quick access to the parameters of the channel you’re using.

Your settings in your language

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM7: Your settings in your language

The DM7 series features a multi-language option for individual channel names enabling more comfortable and intuitive operation. Displaying the names of artists and instruments in native languages will also help operators with limited audio production or sound reinforcement experience to operate the system.

* Multi-language channel names can be inputted via the Editor or StageMix.


Audio Engineers are far more than just concert staff doing “background work”. They may not be on stage, but they are an integral part of a live performance and require a high level of expertise, broad experience, and a sophisticated musicality that supports the artists' musical expression.

Yamaha has been manufacturing musical instruments for over 130 years, and it is always a consideration during the design process to not only make a great sounding, eminently playable instrument, but also to focus on the form and aesthetic and how it will complement the artist playing it.

In the DM7 series, we designed the consoles to be easy to operate so that mixing engineers can use them confidently and creatively even in challenging situations, while at the same time making them look sleek and attractive when they are being operated by the engineering artist helming them.

Functional and attractive layout

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM7: Functional and attractive layout

Strip lights illuminate fader surfaces to give engineers an advantage in darkened live venues. However, conventional mixing consoles have lacked a sense of uniformity with the strip lights often protruding unattractively. With the DM7 series, we designed the side pad connecting the strip light and fader surfaces with a smooth curve, creating a sense of unity. The shape of the side pad prevents light leakage from the strip light while serving as a guard to prevent accidental contact with USB memory sticks, knobs, etc.

Consistent user experience

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM7: Consistent user experience

Mixing engineers must set up, and create the best sound possible within a tight timeframe, but because the environment and equipment used varies from venue to venue, a console that is difficult to operate can increase workload. The DM7 series layout of buttons and knobs, functions, and graphics all adopt interface standards from other Yamaha series mixers for a familiar feel.

The DM7 series also inherits the smooth lines of the RIVAGE PM, CL, and QL consoles achieving a consistent design in terms of both operability and modeling.

Compact and lightweight construction for easy setup and transport

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM7: Compact and lightweight construction for easy setup and transport

Ease of transport and a fast setup are among the most important features for mixing consoles in most environments and applications. With the DM7 series, the angle of the display, the pitch of the faders and buttons, and the position of the strip lights have all been carefully designed to maintain the high operability and visibility of the display in a compact chassis. The DM7 Compact can also be rack-mounted by removing the side pads, making the most of limited space at live sites.


Engineers are required to deftly respond to the various demands of each artist and client on a daily basis to deliver the best sound possible to their audiences. Yamaha has enabled the DM7 series with cutting-edge technologies that allow engineers to focus on being creative in a limited time frame and establish a fast and efficient workflow without compromise.

Split Mode turns one console into two mixers

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM7: Split Mode turns one console into two mixers

Split Mode allows you to use one mixer as if it were two. Even if you only have one DM7 series console due to space limitations, you can mix FOH and Monitor, or FOH and Streaming, etc. just as you would with two separate consoles.

"Assist" lets you focus your creativity

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM7: "Assist" lets you focus your creativity

Yamaha digital mixers have always evolved along with emerging technologies, and perhaps even more importantly, we have adapted a lot of their functionality and operability in response to feedback and input from the people that use our mixers on a daily basis. The DM7 series newly added “Assist”, is an efficient new feature that takes care of important, but more procedural tasks, allowing operators to hone their creative workflow. Assist is a function that “suggests” HA adjustment, naming, and balanced fader levels—all audio engineering essentials— to help engineers focus on more creative work and communication, thereby reducing setup and preparation time. HA Assist suggests a suitable HA level according to the input signal level, Naming Assist uses input signal information to suggest an icon/channel name for each channel, and Fader Assist suggests fader balance for the assigned channel. These suggestions will continue to evolve based on your feedback and recommendations.

Dante interface for high channel count and flexible connectivity

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM7: Dante interface for high channel count and flexible connectivity

The DM7 series offers 144ch in/out via Dante, a combination of software, hardware and networking protocols which has become an industry standard, adopted and integrated into audio equipment from professional audio manufacturers. Dante allows for the transmission of hundreds of audio channels over a single Ethernet cable, allowing you to build a powerful system with a flexible and expandable network without having to worry about the number of channels in any field. Of course, HA Remote and device control are also supported, and the Device Mount function allows for easy patching and control with Dante enabled equipment.

Versatile USB connection

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM7: Versatile USB connection

The DM7 series USB Type-C connector provides 18 in/out audio interface functions for recording, streaming, play back, connection to conferencing systems, and more.

It also enables additional functionality with MIDI Control, and DAW Remote features to expand your sound creation toolbox and streamline your workflow.

DAW Remote for efficient audio production

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM7: DAW Remote for efficient audio production

The DM7 series is the perfect mixer for music production and audio recording using a DAW. The DAW Remote function allows operations such as volume control, playback, stop, and more, to be performed using physical controllers such as the unit's faders and keys, providing smooth operation for audio production and recording applications. DAW Remote Mode can be accessed by simply pressing fader bank DCA and selecting DAW Remote.

Redundant power supplies for serious reliability

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM7: Redundant power supplies for serious reliability

Power failure is a major risk when operating any professional audio device so we've equipped the DM7 series with dual power supply units to reduce the risk of power loss resulting in downtime during a show. If a problem occurs with one power source, operation will continue unaffected as long as the second power source is active.


Choosing and configuring an ideal system setup depends on the operator, the venue, and the type and magnitude of an event. The DM7 series allows users to tailor their system to their preferences and to streamline their workflow with compatible devices and dedicated software.

DM7 Control expansion controller

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM7: DM7 Control expansion controller

By connecting a DM7 Control unit to a DM7 console via Ethernet cable, many physical controls such as User Defined Keys/Knobs, Scene Memory, Monitor Control, and Panner can be accessed quickly and conveniently in a number of applications. It provides fast and reliable operation with User Defined Keys/Knobs and Scene Memory Keys for applications such as musicals that require perfectly timed triggers and scene changes, while transport keys assigned to User Defined Keys and Jog Wheel provide comfortable and quick operation for post-production applications that require efficient editing work.

It is also an indispensable tool for Broadcast, Immersive productions, and any other application that can benefit from physical controllers.

A DM7 Control can be attached to any DM7 console and operated as one mixer.

* The DM7 Control controller comes with Broadcast Package/Theatre Package license codes giving users convenient access to additional specialized functionality, and requires DM7 firmware V1.5 or later.

Broadcast Package and Theatre Package for enhanced, specialized control

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM7: Broadcast Package and Theatre Package for enhanced, specialized control

Valuable, specialized features can be accessed by adding the Broadcast Package/Theatre Package. The Broadcast Package includes 5.1 surround support, Mix Minus, Loudness Meter, and other functions required for broadcast applications and used conveniently in broadcast mixes.

The Theatre Package provides features that can be used effectively in musicals and other theatrical applications, including Actor Library, DCA Scene Grid, AFC Image Control, and other functions which can enhance mixing in theatrical applications significantly.

* Broadcast Package/Theatre Package requires DM7 firmware V1.5 or later.

* The Broadcast Package/Theatre Package requires ProVisionaire Cloud for license management. Please check availability in your region.

PY slot for expansion cards

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM7: PY slot for expansion cards

The DM7 series is equipped with an up to 64 in/out PY slot that allows users to customize the console's functionality and connectivity. The PY64-MD, which supports 64-in 64-out audio input/output via MADI, the PY8-AE with 8-in 8-out AES/EBU D-sub 25-pin connector, and the PY-MIDI-GPI, which has a DIN 5-pin and D-sub 15-pin connectors to expand MID/GPI control terminals, all providing flexible support for a variety of systems.

Compatible software for convenient control

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM7: Compatible software for convenient control

In recent years, it has become common for digital mixing consoles to enable wireless mixing, monitor mixing, offline advance preparation, and remote control using a variety of applications. The DM7 series offers dedicated applications DM7 Editor and DM7 StageMix, as well as the Yamaha applications MonitorMix, ProVisionaire Contol, and ProVisionaire Touch. The DM7 series is also equipped with an OSC (Open Sound Control) Server function, allowing control of the DM7 series from OSC-compatible devices.

Get ready for the show with the Console File Converter

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM7: Get ready for the show with the Console File Converter

The Yamaha Console File Converter is an application that allows data to be shared between a number of Yamaha digital mixers, and the DM7 series consoles are included in the latest version. Users can share data between DM7 series, RIVAGE PM series, CL/QL series, PM5D, M7CL, and LS9 consoles, so data from one performance doesn’t have to be completely reprogrammed from scratch for the next, even if different consoles are used.

Bundled software that expands your creative options

Yamaha Digital Mixing Console DM7: Bundled software that expands your creative options

The DM7 series comes bundled with VST Rack Elements and Nuendo Live, inspiring creative sound shaping for a variety of live and studio applications.

VST Rack Elements is plug-in host software that allows you to seamlessly configure your own effects rack using VST plug-ins. It is compatible with Mac and Windows-based platforms, giving you the freedom and flexibility to build a wholly personalized plug-in environment.

Steinberg Nuendo Live is a DAW optimized for multitrack recording of live sound as well as virtual soundchecks with multitrack recording for smooth rehearsal or songwriting purposes.

Also, by installing the Yamaha Console Extension, you can control Nuendo Live's transport and other functions from the console, so you can start recording without reaching for your PC, or use it conveniently for playback and other purposes.