The bell, with its “Xeno 25th Anniversary” engraving, is one of this model’s most notable features. With thinner bell used in the YTR-8310Z, a little larger than standard, it produces a tone that is simultaneously warm, bright, and soft. Outstanding width and projection are also appealing characteristics.

Main Tuning Slide Brace

Curved double tuning slide braces are a striking visual feature that also provides sonic benefits. The flowing form of this brace adds ideal resistance to a free-blowing reverse tuning design. The dual brace configuration, a rarity in reverse tuning models, serves to stabilize the instrument’s tone.

Piston Buttons, Valve Caps, and Bottom Caps

The piston buttons, valve caps, and bottom caps are the same as those used on the Xeno Artist Model. All of these improve the overall balance of the instrument for optimum blowing resistance and enhanced tone. These parts are gold plated for impressive visual presence as well.

3rd Valve Slide Stopper Screw

The same hollow-head 3rd valve slide stopper screw contributes to subtly freer blowing resistance while improving overall playing feel.

Barrel-shaped Ferrule

The barrel-shaped ferrule is the same type used on the Xeno Artist Model, adding even more depth and richness to the instrument’s timbre.

Supplied Mouthpiece

The supplied mouthpiece is a special gold-plated version of the TR16C4, for lip feel and tonal depth that only gold plating can provide.

Supplied Case

A 3-way hard case in blue embodies the essence of the 25th anniversary YTR-8335RS25TH model, providing outstanding durability and protection with luxurious appearance.