Alto Wooden Recorders

Wood Materials

- Kingwood : A very hard and dense wood, Kingwood gives a strong, broad tone. (Gravity after drying approx. 1.2)

- Rosewood : A hard heavy wood for vigorous tone, with rich overtones similar to Kingwood, but a little softer and sweeter. (Gravity after drying approx. 1.0)

- Ebony : Another hard, dense wood characterized by easy response, and a clear elegant sound. (Gravity after drying approx. 1.0)

- Castellowood : A softer wood with a beautiful warm tone, good for expressing subtle musical nuances. Though it is not technically a boxwood, it is commonly referred to as “Castello Boxwood”. (Gravity after drying approx. 0.7)

- Maple : A wood of medium hardness for a soft and pure tone which blends well in ensembles. (Gravity after drying approx. 0.6)

Environmentally-conscious lead-free processes

Wood recorders use lead-free coatings and lead free solder.

Cotton Case Bags

The recorder cases except YRA-901 are made from environmentally friendly natural cotton.

Feature image of Cotton Case Bags

YRA-901 Hard Case

YRA-901 comes with a dedicated hard case

Feature image of YRA-901 Hard Case