Billy Sheehan Signature Model

Billy Sheehan's trademark giant sound owes much to his DiMarzio pickups, and the Attitude Limited II's Will Powers deliver the goods big-time. The neck woofer - with a high-cut facility - is known for its ultra-deep character and superb definition; the middle pickup is a split-coil P-style packed with tremendous punch and midrange power.To extend performance and recording versatility, the pickups are wired to separate outputs, allowing the choice between combining the two sounds or amplifying them separately. The Attitude II also features a neat Hipshot tuner, enabling the E string to be dropped accurately down to D at the flick of a lever.



An exciting collaboration between Billy Sheehan and Yamaha's North Hollywood workshop, this is a bass loaded with innovative features and a huge sound.

  • The Hipshot tuner produces a preset pitch drop (from "E" to "D")

Farger og finish som vist kan variere fra de aktuelle produktene.