HPH-200 Utgått

Laget for å formidle den autentiske lyden av ethvert musikkinstrument.

HPH-200 Utgått


Hodetelefoner av ypperste Yamaha-kvalitet med utrolig detaljert lyd og fantastisk komfort.

  • Lydkvalitet som møter Yamahas aller høyeste standard
  • Open-air design for naturlig lydgjengivelse og lang tids bruk uten at lytteren blir trøtt
  • Stor 40mm (1-5/8”) driver produserer kraftig bassgjengivelse
  • Øreputer sikrer en uovertruffen komfort, og optimerer lydkvaliteten
  • Dreibare øreklokker og hodebøyle med lengdejustering
  • 1.2m (47-1/4”) kabel ideelt for både bærbare musikkavspillere og elektroniske instrumenter

Made to Yamaha’s High Quality Standards

The HPH-200 is an open-air type with a metallic grill for the housing, providing optimum monitor performance with an appropriate amount of sound dispersion so that listening fatigue will not be a problem even after long hours of use. In addition, because they are non-airtight so surrounding sounds are audible, these headphones are ideal for use when playing with another instrument or even in group sessions.

Open-air design for naturlig lydgjengivelse og lang tids bruk uten at lytteren blir trøtt

As a leading musical instrument manufacturer, Yamaha combines rich experience with a strong focus on musical quality. Now Yamaha has used its expertise to create superior monitor headphones. Paying particular attention to the configuration of the drive unit and housing, as well as the earpad assembly, Yamaha designed the HPH-200 to deliver highly detailed instrumental music with precisely faithful sound reproduction.

Large Driver Produces Powerful Bass Sound

The large 40mm (1-5/8”) driver uses a powerful magnet. It delivers wide dynamic range and deep bass, so both vocals and musical instruments are reproduced with an energetic and lively sound.

Øreputer sikrer en uovertruffen komfort, og optimerer lydkvaliteten

The soft velour-like earpad provides a pleasant feeling, extremely comfortable fit. Additionally, because the earpad affects sound quality, its material and shape have been carefully chosen to match the headphone unit, ensuring both maximum comfort and optimum sound quality.

Earpiece Swivel and Headband Length Adjustment Allow Convenient Storage and a Comfortable Fit

The adjustable earpieces not only perfectly match the shape of your head, they swivel to a flat position for easy storage and carrying. The size of the headband can also be adjusted, ensuring a comfortable fit.

1.2m (47-1/4”) Cord is Ideal Length for Convenient Connection

The cord is a convenient length for plugging into portable music players and electronic instruments. It doesn’t hold its shape, so won’t get tangled and uncoils smoothly. Both the plug and accessory plug are gold-plated for maximum sound quality.

Farger og finish som vist kan variere fra de aktuelle produktene.