Japanese [Wagakki] instrumental voices and Enka styles are now available for your instruments! Experience the taste of [WA=Japanese]!

What's included?

Japanese [Wagakki] instruments' voices and Enka styles are now available with your instruments! Feel and enjoy the taste of [WA=Japanese]!

Voices including: Shakuhachi | Yokobue | Shamisen 1 | Koto | Japanese kit | and more!

Styles including: Enka1 | PopEnka1 | JapaneseFolk | JapanesePop1 | TV-Theme1 | and more!

PLEASE NOTE: Contents may vary depending on the models.

New Voices and Styles packs are being delivered as encrypted data. You must use Yamaha Expansion Manager (YEM) to create a pack install file to load this pack into your instrument.