A variety of authentic Voices and Styles that are perfect for traditional Celtic music!

From traditional Irish and Scottish folk music to Celtic-influenced movie soundtracks, the Celtic pack has it covered. Featuring a brand new pallet of high quality Voices including whistles, pipes, fiddles, and accordions along with new Styles, Multipads and Registration Memories, the Celtic pack is a powerful addition, whether you play your keyboard at home or on stage.

Voices including: CelticViolin1 | LowWhistle1 | CelticHarp | CelticFiddle | UilleannPipes | and more!

Styles including: CelticBallad | CelticEpicDance | CelticLament | CelticShuffle | IrishModFolk | and more!

PLEASE NOTE: Contents may vary depending on the models.



Celtic Lament 2 HD 720p