A variety of Voices and Styles that are perfect for the traditional music of the Balkans

The Balkan Pack highlights the unique and traditional music of Southern European countries. The pack features solo instruments like accordion, flute, clarinet, oboe and bagpipe and so on. Typical percussion sets and drum instruments compliment the numerous styles, which were created to represent the most authentic oriental rhythms; including many in odd time signatures. Explore a whole new world of musical possibilities with this comprehensive pack.

Voices including: Cimbalom1 | FiddleVibrato | Kemence | Yayli1 | TurkOrchestra | and more!

Styles including: BK 7-8 Balkan | BK 9-8 Balkan | GR 5-8 Modern | GR Hasapiko | TR Bablekan | and more!

PLEASE NOTE: Contents may vary depending on the models.