Tools For Tomorrow’s Musician

When you’re creating something new, and stretching the boundaries of music and your own playing, every part of your rig needs to work in harmony with that vision, fuelling your creativity and pushing you to new heights.

The Tools For Tomorrow’s Musician event, held in Milan, Italy, on June 28th 2017 showcases the latest solutions across guitars, effects, amps and basses from Yamaha and Line 6 – all designed with one common purpose: to drive the next generation of guitarists and bassists to create something amazing.

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“ It just feels like home. You play a note and it just rings so well, it vibrates so well you feel it in your body. ”

‐ Miki Santamaria

“ Like a Willy Wonka factory run by Jedi Knights inside the guitar… ”

‐ Steve "Stevic" Mackay.

“ I can only function if I play music, play Bass. All day long. ”

‐ Chris Minh Doky

“ Once I heard it back in the mixes, I was like: I am definitely bringing that bass on tour with me! ”

‐ Micky Waters

We’re proud to have RedBull join us for the Tools for Tomorrow’s Musician event, watch this space for some exclusive content with the Chris Minh Doky Trio. Coming soon…