Yamaha Video Sound Bar Certified for Microsoft Teams

Yamaha Video Sound Bar Certified for Microsoft Teams

Rellingen, Germany - 15 June 2023 - Yamaha Corporation announces today its CS-800 Video Sound Bar has been Certified for Microsoft Teams. An all-in-one system, the CS-800 integrates the microphone, speaker, and camera, required for remote conference into one device, providing for a seamless and simple conferencing experience.

“We are excited to continue to add to our portfolio of products certified to work seamlessly with Microsoft Teams,” says Thomas Hemery, Yamaha General Manager of Global Marketing and Sales, Professional Solutions Division. “The unique technologies of the CS-800 offer seamless, uninterrupted collaboration through high-quality audio and video for both in-person and remote participants to deliver the best Microsoft Teams experience, wherever you work.”

"A reliable and seamless collaboration experience is crucial for users in today’s meeting environment.” said Albert Kooiman, Senior Director, Microsoft Teams Devices Partner Engineering and Certification at Microsoft Corp. “Yamaha has a storied history of providing audio excellence, and being Certified for Microsoft Teams, the CS-800 brings another level of reliability and collaboration to the Teams experience.”

SoundCap Eye™ technology takes information from the multi-dimensional beamforming microphone array and highly accurate positioning information from the video to focus audio capture on the participants in the meeting. Combined with audio volume controls, this technology makes the CS-800 the ideal solution for focus rooms and small meeting rooms.

The CS-800 Video Sound Bar features a 4K AI-enabled video camera supporting auto-framing, allowing for three modes: speaker tracking, individual tracking, or group modes. Audio and video information are used to determine the section of the space or meeting room where relevant participants are located and to direct the focus to that area.

When using the CS-800 with a PC (not within Teams), users can easily launch video calls through a simple USB connection. Whether used in a BYOD environment or with installed equipment, the product supports auto wake-up when someone enters the meeting space and provides onscreen guidance regarding how to start the meeting. Additionally, the technology enables companies to add customized images and provide corporate messaging.

Installation methods , include tabletop, wall, and display mounting using optional mounting accessories. Other products Certified for Microsoft Teams from Yamaha Business Solution products include the ADECIA Ceiling Solution and ADECIA Tabletop Solution.

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