Wayne Bergeron - the sound of Hollywood

One of the world’s greatest trumpet players, who among many things, is also the soundtrack to some of the most memorable moments of Hollywood movies.

If you’re a movie fan, the chances are that Wayne Bergeron has featured on the music to one of your favourite films, having played his trumpet on more than 350 TV and motion picture soundtracks.

It’s even more likely that we don’t need to give Wayne any further introduction.

Notable for his astonishing ability in the upper register of the trumpet, Wayne Bergeron is one of the most sought-after musicians in the world. Studio sessions, film recordings, international touring, jazz gigs, guest appearances, and clinics keep him busy worldwide.

Last May, after his performance in Rotterdam, we had the chance to sit with him and have a long talk discussing topics ranging from the current situation of the music industry, to the secrets of lead trumpet playing. We even asked him for some tricks and warm up techniques.

To make things a bit more special, the interview was recorded on a beautiful cruise ship which we later found out that Wayne had performed on in his 20s.

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