Leading Czech Sound Engineer Invests In Yamaha RIVAGE PM7

Prominent Czech sound engineer Jiri Jehlar always insists on the best sound for every production that he works on. One of the first front of house engineers in the Czech Republic to use digital mixers, Jiri was so impressed with the Yamaha RIVAGE PM7 digital mixing system that he has invested in one.

Jiri is a long-term user of the Yamaha CL5 digital mixing console and Nexo loudspeaker systems, highlighting his commitment to delivering the best front of house mixes. When local Yamaha dealer and Nexo distributor MusicData demonstrated the RIVAGE PM7 digital mixing system earlier this year, the well-respected engineer chose to purchase a PM7 console and an RPio622 I/O rack.

“I really liked the quality of the A/D converters, the Rupert Neve Sound Designs SILK processing, the effects and the high capacity of the system, thanks to the innovative TWINLANe network,” he says. “As soon as I heard the system in action, I did not hesitate to invest.”

The first event Jiri used the system on was an open air production of the popular Verdi opera Nabucco in Prague, complete with a live philharmonic orchestra.

Jiri used 50 high quality cardioid condenser microphones to capture the orchestra, the RIVAGE PM7 and RPio622 routing the mix to a Nexo STM M28 and S118 loudspeaker system - provided by Prague-based Rental Pro - via a Dante network with full redundancy. The performance was recorded at 96kHz in Steinberg Nuendo, via a Yamaha AIC128-D Dante accelerator card.

The audience enjoyed a spectacular performance, helped by the great sound and good weather, while Jiri was very happy with the combination of the RIVAGE PM7 and Nexo STM system.

“It was great how the individual instruments could be distinguished in the overall mix, which can be a problem with larger orchestras,” he says. “The overall sound was excellent and I am very happy with how quick and simple the RIVAGE PM7 system is to use. Everything is very accessible and easy to configure.“

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