Let's play Venova!

Venova is a new type of wind instrument that can be started with ease, yet produces an authentic sound. Just breathe into it and have fun making this wind instrument sing. More powerful than it looks, the Venova can also handle delicate melodies. The more you play, the more you’ll discover its wide expressive range.

Yamaha’s original branched pipe structure and meandering pipe design give Venova a surprisingly rich saxophone-like tone in an amazingly compact size. The fingering is simple and easy even for beginners. Like the saxophone, the Venova is a single-reed instrument that achieves various sound nuances according to the way you blow. The full two-octave range lets you enjoy playing a wide variety of tunes.

The movies provide important tips on how to hold and play Venova. This includes tips on posture, sound production, and fingering. Even those who are completely new to wind instruments can have fun while learning. Master the basics and enjoy playing!