Yamaha Hybrid and Digital Pianos - Technological expertise meets piano building heritage to create the perfect digital piano solution for education

The combination of practicality, convenience, sound quality and keyboard touch make Yamaha Hybrid and Digital Pianos the perfect solution.

They are used in many educational institutions and the wide model and price range makes them suitable for beginners through to the most advanced students. They are equally ideal for performance and rehearsal. Thanks to highly practical features such as headphone options for private practice and extensive computer connectivity they are also suitable for many advanced composing and learning possibilities.


Yamaha’s breakthrough AvantGrand hybrid instruments are acclaimed by top players and piano tutors alike. They offer a compact, elegant design combining tradition with a contemporary feel. Aimed at serious pianists and institutions on a budget and, indeed, anyone who demands high performance, affordability and practicality in equal measure.

All four models, the N3,N2, N1 and the upright NU1 offer the mechanical advantages of a traditional acoustic instrument, featuring piano actions like those found in Yamaha grand and upright pianos providing a superb playing experience.

Yamaha’s design teams and technicians approached the sound of the AvantGrand through the eyes of the acoustic piano. The result is expansive, highly detailed and dynamic sound throughout the entire musical spectrum. Yamaha sampled the sounds from the exact perspective of the pianist and developed a new speaker and amplifier system that produces the ‘feeling’ and resonance experienced through the soundboard of an acoustic piano.


The award-winning Clavinova range deliver new levels of expressiveness, musical performance and playability. With two model ranges available , CLP and CVP, the latest models boast the largest number of innovations ever introduced into a new range.

At the heart of the Clavinova is the RGE (Real Grand Expression) Sound Engine which produces sound quality at a level that would satisfy even the most discerning and demanding professional artists and educators.

This new sound technology is complemented by a superb keyboard action and new pedal technology which provides the player with every nuance and detail experienced when playing a traditional instrument.

The CVP-series are designed for musicians that wish to go one step beyond the CLP Classical models. They offer professionally orchestrated accompaniment features and a host of learning functions. Thanks to extensive on-board recording functions and hundreds of sounds these instrument are perfect for composing and performing.