Yamaha “BläserKlasse” programmes bring whole classes together for fun and inspiring learning

The curriculum is designed to enable an entire class to form a ‘Class Band’ – Each pupil in the class learns and plays a symphonic instrument in their regular music lesson.

With the Class Band approach, pupils and teachers collaborate in an inspirational atmosphere where learning and teaching prosper in harmony. Replicating the model of a symphonic wind orchestra and representing nearly all brass and woodwind classical registers from flute to tuba, students choose their desired instrument and, over a period of two years, all learn together as an ensemble.

Following the conclusion of the course the majority of students elect to continue their studies, as playing their instrument has become part of their day-to-day school life.

This approach is proving highly popular in schools throughout Europe, with thousands of young people learning across the UK, Germany Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria.