Yamaha Grade Examination

The Yamaha Grade Examination was started in 1967 for the purpose of enabling everyone who is learning music to improve their musical skills in a well-planned manner while verifying their overall ability.

Yamaha Grade Examinations help teachers and music learners to confirm their musical abilities and encourage them to acquire all-around musical abilities so that they can enjoy creating and performing music.

Message from Yamaha Music Foundation

Message from Yamaha Music Foundation

The Yamaha Grade was established in 1967 with the aim of helping teachers and music learners to develop their overall musical abilities and to engage in creative and rich musical expression while having fun. Since then, it is trusted as a social standard for evaluating musical ability.

We always tell our examiners during their training that the experience of taking the grade exam will motivate music learners to further their music studies. We hope that we can help you to enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction that music brings to your lives.

We sincerely support all candidates.

Yuriko Kitabayashi

General Manager

Yamaha Music Foundation

10 million people took exam

Over 50 years of history

Expanding in over 30 countries/regions

Grades 13-6 and the Yamaha textbooks are closely related. The details are found in the each syllabus.

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