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Surround Post Package


[Surround Post (AE041)]

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Revolutionary iSSP technology developed by the Yamaha Innovative Technology Division powers a selection of amazing surround processors. These are the surround production tools you need for ultimate control and realism.

Add-On Effects Brochure [English] Add-On Effects BrochurePDF [4.8MB]

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While many digital "simulations" of classic analog circuits and effects merely scratch the surface, Yamaha's Add-on Effects offer realism that extends to every sonic nuance and detail. These valuable signal-processing plug-ins owe their awesome processing power to the 96-kHz audio DSP capabilities of Yamaha digital mixing consoles, and can be used with DM/0 series digital mixing consoles as well as the PM5D. When used with Studio Manager V2 software, the Add-On Effects provide an efficient, intuitive graphical interface that makes operation a simple pleasure.
Yamaha Add-on Effects are based on innovative Virtual Circuit Modeling technology that, rather than simply attempting to approach the desired sound using conventional digital audio methods, actually models the original analog circuitry — right down to the last resistor and capacitor. Also available is a package of spatial effects that deliver unprecedented control for spatial surround processing using innovative Yamaha iSSP (Interactive Spatial Sound Processing) technology. The Add-On Effects are capable of capturing subtleties that simple digital simulations cannot even approach, in effect going beyond simple simulation and delivering the truly musical performance that makes classic analog gear valuable assets even in today's digital production environment.


Surround Post Package

The three effects in this package take full advantage of Yamaha's remarkable iSSP (Interactive Spatial Sound Processing) technology to deliver precisely-controllable spatial processing capabilities that are particularly suited to cinema or television sou...

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