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Based on the designs of Stradivarius and optimized with Yamaha’s A.R.E. technology, Yamaha’s flagship violin delivers the finest nuances required to create music. Enhancing the tone of the Stradivarius through the use of technology and the craftsman’s sk...



Perfect for the beginning violinist, the V5SC features a spruce top and maple back and neck made from high quality materials. Each instrument is handcrafted utilizing the same traditional methods as used on high-end violins. Designed, sized, and priced f...



Perfect for the beginning violinist, the V5SA features a spruce top and maple back and neck made from high quality materials. And it also features rosewood tailpiece, chinrest, and endpin. Each instrument is handcrafted utilizing the same traditional met...



An excellent choice for beginning to intermediate players, the V7SG offers fine quality at a very affordable price. It can be an ideal setup instrument for students who have advanced beyond the level of their beginner violins.



The YVN200G features a design based upon the legendary instruments of Guarneri del Gesu. This is a violin capable of great emotional expression, and it is characterized by full, rich tone with a clearly defined low and mid range, and a high range that is...



The YVN200S has been created from the study and analysis of violins crafted by the master, Stradivari. It produces a brilliant, noble tone that is highly responsive to the player's expression and it is exceptionally sensitive to the slightest changes in ...



The YVN100G was created using the same specifications as the YVN200G and it is also based upon the violins of Guarneri del Gesu. It offers warm full-bodied tone rich in harmonics, yet with enough definition to sound clear and alive in all registers. The ...



The YVN100S features a design based on that of Stradivari, and it shares the specifications of the YVN200S. The tone is lively and brilliant, but tempered with enough warmth to sound full and expressive. And the quick and sensitive response enables playe...



Inheriting the same design concept of Yamaha's flagship YVN100S violin, the YVN50 provides violinists with a quality instrument that produces a bright stunning tone. Choice pieces of European spruce and European maple specially selected from Yamaha's ric...



The V20G is another Guarneri inspired violin which produces a rich and sweet, yet powerful sound. Each instrument is painstakingly finished with a specially formulated shading oil varnish which gives a beautiful appearance and warmer tone. The wood mater...

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24/9/2013 [Musikkinstrumenter]
Introducing a Revolutionary New Range of Handcrafted Violin Bows

Finding the right bow is essential to making the instrument express your music. A good bow will feel just right. Perfectly balanced and conveying every musical nuance you put into your performance.

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