Designer Interviews

To create instruments that satisfy the stringent requirements of professional players, Yamaha designers cooperate closely with leading artists to improve and refine Timpani sound and playability. In this section our instrument designers discuss the process.

Artist Interviews

Distinguished timpanists from around the world talk their initial encounters with the instrument as well as their current activities, and share their opinions on Yamaha Timpani.

Don Liuzzi
Principal Timpani of the Philadelphia Philharmonic

Jean Geoffroy
Professor of percussion at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Lyon

Timpani Types

From high-end models designed to meet the sonic demands of professional players through entry-level models that provide an optimum balance between portability and tone, Yamaha offers Timpani that meet a wide range of requirements. This section describes the differences between each series.

Changing Pitch

Pedal Balance Spring System

Pedal Balance Spring System
(TP-7300, 6300, 4300, 3100 Series)

This type of pedal mechanism facilitates glissandos and other advanced playing techniques. The tensions of the pedal spring and Timpani head are balanced so that the set pitch is maintained even if the player removes his or her foot from the pedal.

Bowl Materials

Hammered Copper Bowls

Hammered Copper Bowls
(TP-7300 Series)

Precise, uniform hammering applied to copper bowls results in significantly improved attack, sustain, and pitch definition. The sound is clear with solid, well-defined lows.

Copper Bowls

Copper Bowls
(TP-6300 Series)

Copper is the traditional Timpani shell material. Techniques handed down through the centuries are augmented by modern technology and refinements that are applied to high-purity copper to achieve a well-rounded tone that is both deep and clear.

Aluminum Bowls

Aluminum Bowls
(TP-4300, 3100 Series)

Lightweight aluminum bowls are the key to superior portability and handling. Yamaha technology ensures that they deliver sound that is close to that of our high-end models.


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TP-7300 Series

TP-7300 SeriesTP-7300 Series

Pedal Balance Spring System Timpani with Hammered Copper Bowl

TP-6300 Series

TP-6300 SeriesTP-6300 Series

Pedal Balance Spring System Timpani with Copper Bowl

TP-4300 Series

TP-4300 SeriesTP-4300 Series

Pedal Balance Spring System Timpani with Aluminum Bowl

TP-3300 Series

TP-3300 SeriesTP-3300 Series

Pedal Balance Spring System Timpani with Aluminum Bowl (Portable Timpani)

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