Interchangeable Wedges Ideal for Latin and Hip-Hop.

Strammeringer - Hoops

Strammeringer - HoopsStrammeringer - Hoops

Våre vintage strammeringer er laget fra utvalgt lønnetre, belagt med uretan for maksimal holdbarhet.

Ring Mutes

Ring MutesRing Mutes

Ring mutes of different sizes, different colors.

Tuning Keys

Tuning KeysTuning Keys

Sturdy drum keys give you added leverage and grip for high-tension tuning.



Replacement parts made from high quality materials.

Low-Frequency Capture Devices (SUBKICK)

Low-Frequency Capture Devices (SUBKICK)Low-Frequency Capture Devices (SUBKICK)

Low-frequency capture device 'Subkick' can be used in tandem with a standard kick mic setup to deliver a monstrous bass drum sound.

Nyheter & Events


4/7/2014 [Artister]
Dave Weckl plays Europe.

Summer 2014 promises to get hot! Yamaha Drums Europe are honored to announce exclusive Performances with Drum Legend Dave Weckl this July in selected cities across Europe.

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