2 + 1 AVENTAGE garantiforlengelse - gratis


Yamaha tilbyr sluttkonsumentene en forlenget garantitid på AV-receiverene i AVENTAGE-serien.

Den forlengede garantien gjelder alle receiverene i AVENTAGE-serien.

Vennligst registrer din AVENTAGE AV-receiver her, så forlenges garantien fra 2 til 3 år. Produktet må registreres innen 6 måneder etter innkjøpsdato. Den forlengede garantien er kun gyldig om den opprinnelige innkjøpskvitteringen leveres inn sammen med garantibeviset. Du vil motta garantibeviset via e-post umiddelbart etter at produktet er registrert.

Nyheter & Events


15/8/2016 [Audio & Video]
EISA: The YSP-5600 has been voted the best soundbar for 2016

By providing Dolby Atmos support, 4K-capable HDMI connectivity and automated room EQ...

26/8/2015 [Audio & Video]
Designed to revolutionize the enjoyment of music in everyday life - MusicCast

The brand new Yamaha MusicCast audio systems have been designed to revolutionize the enjoyment of music in everyday life. Although each individual component is a little masterpiece of sound and design in itself, they only reveal their full multi-room potential when interacting with each other. Read more ...

20/8/2015 [Audio & Video]
Yamaha introduces MusicCast!

Multi-room audio newly defined – the revolution for hifi-sound in the whole house. Read more ...

20/8/2015 [Audio & Video]
Yamaha MusicCast in the whole house!

Stereo and AV receivers, PianoCraft micro hifi system and active hifi speakers support multi room system. Read more ...

22/8/2014 [Audio & Video]
Two Yamahas, one passion - join us in our foto contest at IFA 2014!

Come to IFA in Berlin, visit us on our booth and have a picture taken of yourself and the YZR-M1 – the same motor bike that Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo drive during races – and you'll have the chance to win a great prize! Read more ...

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    • 2 + 1 AVENTAGE garantiforlengelse - gratis

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