Dave Weckl


Dave Weckl

Like Steve Gadd before him, Dave Weckl spawned an army of imitators with his breathtaking playing on Chick Corea’s first Elektric Band album, released in 1985. Playing elegantly structured, complex compositions alongside sequenced accompaniments required a new level of technical mastery. Dave became a role model for a new generation of fusion drummers with his invention, uncanny precision and beautifully tuned Yamaha drums.


Born in St. Louis, Missouri, on 8 January 1960, Dave started drumming at the age of eight. Moving to the East Coast in 1979, he studied at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. Arriving in New York he was soon spotted by Peter Erskine who recommended him for his first big gig with French Toast, later the Michel Camilo band, with which Dave has recorded five albums. Camilo's bassist Anthony Jackson then recommended Dave for the Simon and Garfunkel Reunion Tour in 1983. This led to session work in New York which included recording dates with Diana Ross, Robert Plant, George Benson and others.

In 1985 Dave joined Chick Corea's extraordinary Elektric Band where he combined technical mastery with state-of-the-art electronics and emerged arguably the world's most cutting-edge fusion drummer. Established as drumming’s new hero Dave was soon winning drumming polls and playing clinics worldwide. As everyone else struggled to achieve his pinpoint precision, he next demonstrated his looser feel for more traditional jazz styles with Chick Corea's Akoustic Band (receiving a Grammy Award for the band’s first release).

All this gave Dave the platform to make recordings under his own name and to lead his own band, which he’s done ever since. As a keen student of sound and recording he has produced six of his own releases so far. Between times he plays occasional sessions and gigs with the likes of Lee Ritenour, Mike Stern, Alan Pasqua and the recently re-formed Electrik Band. Committed also to education Dave has led the way with his extremely successful series of instructional videos and books. His latest trio of videos/DVDs, called Natural Evolution, pays testament to his teacher Freddie Gruber who helped him to reach greater heights of relaxation and groove.

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